Adventure Therapy


Adelong delivers Adventure Therapy programmes with groups or individual clients. The courses can be run as part of a journey based programme or at a fixed location depending upon time of the year and the specific needs of the participants involved.
The significance of nature and our part within the natural world is central to our philosophy. It is well known and recognised that immersion into the natural world and the outdoor environment brings about positive outcomes on a far deeper level than is often appreciated or acknowledged. Adventure Therapy uses outdoor activities to challenge and provide risk in a controlled environment.
The philosophy and core principles running throughout our Adventure Therapy programmes remain consistent, we use the natural environment to create a safe space for our clients to explore different areas of importance and significance within their lives, we create space for constructive challenge and a chance for our clients to grow and develop as as part of the therapeutic process.



All Adventure Therapy courses have fully qualified therapists working together with outdoor specialists delivering the programme and risk management throughout.

Please contact us for further details and to discuss your specific requirements.