Negative Ions- That 'feeling' you've experienced in the natural world....



Ever wondered why standing next to a waterfall in the mountains or riding the wave of a lifetime can make us feel so good? Think Negative Ions....

Nature provides both positive and negative ions, the negative ions are the one's responsible for that 'feeling' you get when you are in some of the most beautiful natural places.

With the highest concentrations of negative ions being found in mountains, forests, caves, waterfalls and in the swell of the ocean it's no wonder that people are attracted to these environments- Once we begin to understand the effect that Negative Ions have on our general sense of well-being, we begin to understand why we are drawn to beautiful places in the natural world.


It has long been thought that high concentrations of negative ions can have a positive impact on the way that we feel including improvements to our mental wellbeing and physical health although it is still not clear exactly what happens when the negative ions enter our body.

 So...Time to get outdoors and get some fresh air!

*Estimated negative ion levels in different environments per CC-
Centrally heated/air conditioned house- 0-250 (dead air/oppressive/germs flourish)
Normal indoor air- 250-500 (Normal air- low pollution)
Country air-1000-2000 ('Country fresh air')
Mountain air-1000-5000 (exceptionally clean and invigorating air)
Inside caves- 5000-20,000 (exceptionally clean and invigorating air)
Waterfalls- 25,000-100,000 (pure air, exhilarating, germs cannot live here)