Rock Based Adventure Activities in Devon


Rock Based Adventure Activities in Devon- Choose from Rock Climbing, Caving and Abseiling. These activities provide an adventurous way to access and experience the the more remote environments of South Devon, Dartmoor and Torbay, which include Limestone Cave Systems, Sea Cliffs and the dramatic Tors of Dartmoor.

Devon Rock Activities can easily be combined for a full day of adventure or are perfect for a half day experience. Whether you want to explore the vast underground environment of a Devon Cave or test your courage and skill as you Climb to the top of a South Devon Sea Cliff, you can be guaranteed a memorable and exciting Devon Rock Adventure!


Adelong provides the highest quality equipment for all activities. All of our staff are nationally qualified and have extensive experience in the field of outdoor education.



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Build your own adventure! Extend or combine activities for full days, weekends or longer...the calendar shows the minimum length of each activity.